The Small World og Technology U6

Experince the unique exhibition in the heart of the industrial giant of Dolni Vitkovice, VI. Energy centre. Unveil the secrets of technology and take a walk down the memory lane to discover the progress from the industrial revolution all the way to present day. You will be able to experience the technology first hand thanks to the interactivity of the whole exhibition. We always have something special up our sleeves on the occasion of an important date – we will take you to a whole another world, test your creativity and knowledge. If you want to see cool experiments or take part in crafts, be sure to check out our side programs.

Schools and other organizations that would like to visit the exhibition must use our booking system to apply for their guided tour (if interested, please contact our reception at least 5 days ahead). You can book your date here.

12 metres tall viewpoint over the exhibiton
1938 when the VI. Energy centre was built
900 tonnes of the original giant piston blowers
900 m² exhibition area


Flea Market IV. trochu jiný blešák

5.9. 2020

5. 9. 2020 se uskuteční čtvrtý Flea Market (Trochu jiný Blešák) v Gongu. Začátek akce je v 10:00 hodin. V samotném srdci industriální Dolních Vítkovic v Ostravě, navíc v prostoru...

DOV , Gong , Malý Svět Techniky U6

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