About Children’s World

The exhibition is intended for younger children of 2-6 years of age who must be accompanied by an adult. But don’t you worry, we wanted for the adults to have fun too and not just sit around and watch their kids play, rather they help them, play along and participate in the activities, too. We condensed the world of adults into 950m2 and made it all kids size, eliminated any writing a depicted everything in a way that would be easily approachable for younger kids.

Children’s World looks like a countryside landscape with a farm and animals, a cow to milk and chickens to feed, but it’s also like a little city with construction site, car repair shop, doctor’s office, food market stall, kitchen and a laundry room. In the middle of it all is a meadow with a  tree where the children can run around and decide where to go next – will it be water world or a haunted forest?

We also have your traditional toys like balance bikes, building blocks, sandpit or a slide. Parents of the youngest kids have their nook for changing the diapers or breastfeeding, and there are also little toilets for the kids.

For the sake of everyone having the best possible experience, we have regulated 110-minute time intervals for each entry. With the 2 hour time limit and a limited capacity of people to enter per one time interval, we recommend to book and purchase your tickets online.

List of all the sections:

  • Enchanted forest
  • Car repair shop
  • Maze
  • Workshop
  • Doctor’s office
  • Farm
  • Kitchen, dining room, laundry room
  • Food market
  • Construction site
  • TV and music studio
  • Water world
950 m2 of play area
2 - 6 let years of age limit for the kids
12 themed sections
infinite amount of fun