About Mining Museum in Landek Park

Former Anselm Mine, today’s mining history, sport, relax, and camp.

The oldest mining shaft in Ostrava, the Anselm Mine, transformed into the largest Mining Museum in the Czech Republic over 25 years ago. The extensive underground paths uncover the secrets of authentic mining environment with every step of the way.

Connecting the mining museum as the technical monument with the location of Landek as the national natural sight with lively flora and fauna, makes the Landek area highly interesting and attractive location. In close proximity of the Odra and the Ostravice river confluence (1.5 km from the D1 exit ramp), you will find leisure, education and fun all in one place.

You can go down the mining shaft, to the special miners’ chain cloakroom, and through the exhibition of mining rescue service, plus you will get to ride a former mine train from the 1960s. Landek Park extends to a 35-hectare area which is used for sports activities and leisure, including a camp and places to eat at.

Landek Park is a popular place just out of the city for families with children, as well as schools, active people and history lovers. If you haven’t been to Landek, you haven’t been to Ostrava.

Landek Park is not located in the area Dolní Vítkovice, but forms a separate area. Map can be found here.

2 000 people camp capacity
35 hectares of premises
1953 when the Venus figurine of Petřkovice was found
250 metres of mine pathways