About Bolt Tower

Daily, up to 1,200 tons of pig iron were produced in the bowels of Blast Furnace No. 1. Nowadays visitors can follow in the footsteps of iron production.

The unique superstructure above Blast Furnace No. 1, which is more than 20 meters high, rises the total height of the tower to nearly 80 meters. An outer walkway circle around a glass roller hooked above the original blast furnace structure is connecting the different height levels. The fixed core of the superstructure is made of steel and includes a lift, a spiral staircase, and visitor facilities. The rooftop observation deck, equipped with telescopes, offers an extraordinary view of Vitkovice, Ostrava itself, and the distant surroundings with the breathtaking view of the Beskydy Mountains.

Visit the Bolt Café and enjoy the view of Ostrava and its surroundings. You can make the reservation here.

345 metres above sea level highest geographical point of Ostrava
2015 voted the building of the year
235 metres length of the adrenaline bridge walk
25 metres height of the superstructure of blast furnace no.1