About Bolt Tower

In the past, up to 1 200 tonnes of pig iron was made in the bowels of the blast furnance no.1 every day. Today, visitors are taken on tours guiding them throught the iron making proces.

The unique, more than twenty-meter-high superstructure of Blast Furnace No. 1, rises to a height of nearly 80 meters. The solid core is built of steel and has a lift, a spiral staircase and a refuge for visitors. The outer footbridge looped around the glass cylinder hung on the original blast furnace structure connects the individual high levels. The roof observation deck, equipped with telescopes, brings the visitors extraordinary views on Vítkovice, Ostrava itself but also on far surroundings with captivating horizon of Beskydy.

345 metres above sea level highest geographical point of Ostrava
2015 voted the building of the year
235 metres length of the adrenaline bridge walk
25 metres height of the superstructure of blast furnace no.1