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You are being offered a unique opportunity to actively participate in a conservation project of one of the main historical city and region pillars, preserving it thus for future generations, and a chance to use this partnership in order to draw benefits for your employees or clients.

The Dolní Vítkovice common-interest association of legal entities was established in order to prepare and realize projects related to the transformation of the Dolní Vítkovice area. At present we administer industrial sights – “Důl Hlubina, vysoké pece a koksovna Vítkovických železáren“ (Hlubina Mine, blast furnaces and coke plant of the Vítkovice Ironworks) – that were pronounced National Heritage Sight in 2002 in governmental Decree 337/2002 of Legal Code and became part of European Cultural Heritage. The buildings on the premises of LANDEK PARK, that the association also administers, have been pronounced cultural sights by MK ČR (Czech Ministry of Culture) and belong to the protected area of “Národní přírodní památka Landek“ (Landek National Natural Monument).

Our projects bring the region a unique opportunity to interconnect its history with both its present and future.

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